Mike Sheetz

1995 - two overall Amateur trophies,

the Lone Squirrel ISDE, and the Trailsmen ISDE held out of Prison Camp

1997 - I raced the most prestigious class in the series against Ricky Bozarth, Open Expert, and collected a whole drawer full of Silver Medals en route to a second place year end trophy.

1998 - I ended up with a national number 8 (this was a period when they had an actual series), with best finishes of a second place in Oregon at the Lone Wolf qualifier, and an 8th place finish at the Flying M qualifier.  With this pursuit I also finished second yet in the OMRA ISDE series on a 125cc two stroke.

1999 through 2002 I had a string of 2nd and 3rd place series finishes, and another failed attempt at the ISDE in 2000.  During this time the OMRA instituted the AA class, which separated the top experts to compete for the overall trophy at each event, leaving expert classes in tact.  I joined this class.

With little drama, fast forward to 2010 and my return to qualifying for the International Six Days Enduro.  I have come oh so close, but so far have not yet made the team.  The highlight of the last few seasons, and frankly my entire racing career, has been winning a single special test, in Ohio, day two, test two.  In that test I bested two legends, Brian Storrie by 15 seconds, and Jeff Fredette by 32 seconds.  In perspective, that is like winning a stage at the The Tour de France.  It’s tough when you’re up against the best riders in the country to make a spot on team USA, but I will not quit.

For off season fun and training, I have been racing Vintage Motocross, and have won 5 straight high point trophies.

This year my goal is to qualify for the ISDE and represent my country in Brive France.