Austin McCabe

Austin McCabe

Austin McCabe


Born in Portland, Oregon I grew up riding BMX which started my love of two wheels. I bought my first vintage motocross bike in 2008 and won the Woodland Vintage 250 Championship in 2013. I built my first vintage road race bike for my novice year of 2013 and had a best finish of 3rd. I joined the SFRC, a local riding club in late 2013. During the 2014 race season I switched to racing a 2011 Ninja 250 which I raced for two years then I purchased an RC390 Cup Bike for 2016 and had a good season finishing second overall in three championships. My 2017 season didn’t go as planned but I was able to come back the last OMRRA round and podium all four of my races. The 2018 season is showing to have larger grids for the Ultra-Lighweight classes which I plan to have a dominant season competing in with new goals and hopefully your support.

Previous Championships:

2014 OMRRA Championships:

-1st Ultra-Lightweight GP

-2nd Ultra-Lightweight Supersport

-3rd Lightweight Superbike

-3rd Ninja 250 Cup

2015 OMRRA Championships:

-2nd Ninja 250 Cup

-3rd Ultra-Lightweight Supersport

2016 OMRRA Championships:

-2nd Ultra-Lightweight GP

-2nd Ultra-Lightweight Supersport

-2nd Lightweight Supersport

2017 OMRRA Championships:

-4th Ultra-Lightweight GP

-4th Ultra-Lightweight Superbike

-4th Lightweight Supersport

-4th Lightweight Superbike

2018 Race Bikes and Goals:

KTM RC390 Cup Bike:


-Compete in Ultra-Lightweight Supersport

-Compete in Ultra-Lightweight Superbike

-Compete in Ultra-Lightweight GP

-Compete in Lightweight Supersport

-Finish 3rd or better in each race entered

-Finish 3rd or better in each championship entered

-Top 5 in the OMRRA Clubman Championship


-Compete in at least one round with podium finishes


-Compete in at least two rounds with podium finishes

KTM Super Duke R:


-Compete in at least two rounds